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ABI Extracorporeal provides complete point-of-care blood management services to area clinicians whether in the traditional operating room at local hospitals or an in-office treatment area, outpatient surgery center or any other patient treatment environment.

Autotransfusion - Red Cell Recovery
Autotransfusion or Red Cell Recovery may be indicated for the surgical patient who is to have surgery where the anticipated blood loss is 500ml or more.  All surgical procedures involve the creation of acute wounds that bleed.  The best transfusion for a bleeding patient is his/her own blood.  Eliminates the possibilities of disease transmission and transfusion reactions.  This process is generally accepted by the Jehovah's Witness and provides support to the blood banks by keeping blood bank units available for patients that truly need it.
Studies have shown that red cells collected at the time of surgical procedure, is not only the best match for the patient but also has a higher quality than that of blood stored by blood banks for later use.


Platelet Rich Plasma or PRP

Considerable research has been conducted in an effort to develop a safe, rapid, convenient, healing accelerator and tissue sealant . The result? A discovery that the answer lies within the patient, more specifically, in the patient’s own blood.

Studies have shown that one of the first responses of the human body to trauma is the migration of platelets to the injured site. By utilizing concentrated platelets (collected from the patient before surgery), in combination with small amounts of calcium and thrombin, a process has been developed that eliminates the risks associated with earlier sealants, as well as containing growth factors that were not in earlier sealants. The platelet rich plasma product is a non-toxic, non-immunogenic substance that can enhance and accelerate healing, help promote quicker and stronger bone growth; reduce swelling, bleeding and bruising; and decrease the incidence of infection.

Additionally it is being investigated to eliminate the need for grafts from the iliac crest or other bone sites. Because it is an autologous substance, there is no possibility of rejection.

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